Saturday, February 12, 2011

Can you say GRAMMYS?

coming soon to theatres near you..
 The Wolverine Bull Breathing Feature film called..
The Waltzing Companionship: The Beginning
Wentworth Miller as Keith Flynn
Selena Gomez as Chelsey Greenhaw
Quoted from The Keith Flynn himself:
"We do have a movie type story, but ours isn't Hollywood enough because that involves too much of the down side and not enough of the upside."
The story of two high schoolers on their own paths colliding, and reuniting to be together for the rest of existence. Featuring A Year Without Rain from Selena Gomez herself.

^awesome ay? im totally going to watch it.
Its two people together. They have found each other and have found love, and together, they complete each other. Each is the other half of the other. Without one, the other is incomplete. Life loses its meaning without the other..well, it loses half of its head anyways, which is close.
It's what some would call TRUE LOVE:)

Ya know how people say the little birdy told me? Now, wouldn't it be awesome if there really were little birds that would relay messages to you. They could warn you when you were fixing to walk into a sit-y-ation where someone was a frump and you didnt know it. They could tell you secrets and make you seem like a mind reader. They could even sing little songs in your ear and keep you company through out the day. There could be no boredom with those guys. Everyone could have their own personal bird. I'd name mine Goku Bojangles the II in memory of the hamster..that keith and I gave up for adoption. He was never the same after we left him out all day. He went savage that sad sad day.
May his tamed self rest in peace.

In the story about the 3 pigs and the big bad like to see him try to blow over a lincoln log house. I think we should have a redo of the whole story, and the wolf won't even make it to the third round. I think they should have sent the wolf to get some sugar from the old witch in Hansel and Gretel. A nice change from human I would think. 
It's like Christmas came EARLY!

People say social butterfly all the time. Defintion from urban dictionary states: someone who is VERY social and easygoing; can be either a male or a female. Usually these people don’t belong to a particular group, but rather jump from one group to another. They are somewhat accepted in all of them, but don’t really have any deep friendship connections in any of them. Then it says that social bee is defined as: like a social butterfly but is much more entertaining and the life of the party. I guess it makes sense. It never makes its mark, but for a very good reason. If it does, its fatal and they die..unless its a sweat bee. Sweat bees can have close friends if they wish, but honey bees have a sad no intimate relationship with humans..because they die within minutes of such a moment. Without even a funeral.  
Can you say one second stand?

I love walkie talkies. Sometimes, I just want to take mine off the charger and have conversations, but I end up talking to myself and losing interest. I used to play with my brother, and I'd run down the street and we would act like super spies. we actually had a top secret club the S.I.S program (its spies with no P or E. what can I say, we are original.) We had secret agent cards and badges..the whole shin-dig. We ended up giving up this program when we realized that the school's program they used to take attendance was also called
S.I.S. We actually signed a contract..we were awesome. I even intruded on a conversation between a truck driver and someone.  
Creepin' in its prime.

Now for a segment about people in my life:
Keith Flynn: Agrees that the MSU play put the biggest girl in the smallest shorts.
Rangela Emery Dodson: She laughs a lot when I have painted on lips and she can talk like a man.
Stephanie Greene: The first time I saw her, she was sitting alone in a field playing the guitar. I told her brother, and found out he knew the lady. (:
Kim Flynn: She has awesome stories from working with gay guys and cooks amazing food.
Andy Flynn: He likes to get new technology, and will share its happiness with you and he cooks wonderfully too.
Patricia Flynn: He has a girlfriend, and sometimes, I forget he does. Oh, and we make good cookies.
Riles Barkley: He is going to be the next big thing in Chef land and likes to wear Keith's clothes now that he is gone.
Justin Greene: He can turn into a bunny. I'd like to see you try.
Mazaa: She laughs so hard she snorts sometimes.
Cody: He likes to poop with the door open..and have conversations.
Pipuper: We watched a video the other day..and both of us had no clue what was going on, except that we are going to KANSAS!
Big Poppa: he went and bought a basketball arcade game that takes up half his room..aka: hes awesome.

 Advice Column:
 "I worked at Long John Silvers...Pizza hut...I cut have a lot of people...I will let you get back to me....I woke up watching a movie today."
^a five minute sphill..and thats all i got out of it. 
After finally finding our voice again, my manger looked at me and earnestly said, "That was the weirdest time I've ever had with someone turning in an application."
My tips to this lady:
Learn to talk slowly.
Learn to let the other person talk, ESPECIALLY when its the one who is in charge of hiring
Don't mention things that don't, waking up to a movie?

 Truffles anyone?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'ma star!

So today a devasting moment happened..a kindergardener told me she DID NOT like my hair curly. Exact words weren't so brutal, more like, "Miss Chelsey, I like your hair down and not curly." What do you say to that? She has a cute lil' lisp, so i couldn't even be offended. Then the girl next to her felt like she should stand up for me, and said that she loved my hair curly and i looked beautiful. I thought there was going to be a lil' fight..can you say kindergarten cat fight? Brooklyn vs. Ellie.

I also went to the dentist today, and that was a experience in itself. I think I have the weirdest dentist possible. I absolutely love going to the dentist. I feel I should share that first. They clean my teeth so wonderfully, and while they do that, I get to watch soap operas or shows showing gross ruined lungs. Well, the time is much enjoyed, until captain Weird walks in. I feel like I age down like Benjamin Button to the age of 4 when he talks to me. As he lowered my chair for example, he made plane noises and laughed while doing so like a retired clown. I've never heard someone crack such corny jokes on such a quick pace..they come one after another with this guy. For example, "I see no cavities; therefore, I grant you with a GOLD STAR!" as he holds it out like its garlic to a vampire, or a balloon animal to a small child. I felt like I should jump up and down in celebration screaming horray, so I did. I also found out I will be needing my wisdom teeth pulled out soon, and his joke to that was, "You should wait until summer I think. That will stall the time for when we have to use DYNAMITE!" and at this point, he evil laughed for like a minute, and I hadn't a clue how to respond. He cracked the dynamite joke twice; he may have thought it was funnier the second time. I decided I should face my attention to the tv at this point and act like I didn't hear the 'hilarious' joke. When I left, he gave me something for show and tell. His exact words, "Here. I will give you something for show and tell. Oh man, this is great! When you go to your kids tomorrow, and tell them that you didn't have cavities, and that they should brush their teeth so they don't get cavities. They will ask, What is cavities? OH! that is the exact question I wanted you to ask! They are little bugs and they look like..(as he opens the wooden case)..THIS!" (and he quickly shuts it and dies laughing)..later I come to find out the box also says I love you. Too much laughing gas maybe?

The other day, I took pictures of tracks, and I haven't a clue what animal they are.
I was told they were bunny tracks, but what awkward bunny hops if that is the case. They are like little skeleton faces..or the scream by van gogh.

We figured out how to use the webcam on the laptops at school..diligent use of our time in creative writing. I cannot do real work when it comes to being at school. It's the sad truth, but man do we take some attractive pics;)
Did I tell you I got a new WATCH? This is my doberman candy, usually she doesn't bite me, although sometimes, she does.
So today, I got told my shirt was awesome..It made me look like I was going techno/country. I'm not even sure what that is even suppose to mean..? But they also added in it was the most amazing thing they've ever seen a High Schooler wear;) ...although coming from that person...I'm not sure how to take that.
Oh, and compliments to Angela Dodson always making such a point I've always thought...
Imagine if one day animals finally gave up and just started talking, and were able to tell us all the things we've done wrong, including using the stupid baby voices towards them. 
Or..what if we could make babies with animals..and we popped out horses with human faces that can talk, or just made crazy man eating centaurs like in Western Civilization.

13 Awesome Statements conceitedly about me:)
1) I wish I had my own personal masseuse, any takers?
2) I also really enjoy having all four seasons.
3) oh, and Elf is my role model.
I love his naive view and optimism. I strive to be like him.
4) I'm mormon.
5) I can touch my tongue to my nose.
6) And cussing makes me uncomfortable.
7) I think feet are like deformed hands.
8) I get twitchy when people poke my neck.
9) I got kicked out of dance class when I was little because I was a distraction. "Kick the bug and step on it."
10) I killed a bunny because I suffocated it to death when I was little..I hugged it too tightly.
11) I used to store gross things on my wall when I was little..I will leave it at that.
12) I used to have peeing contests with my brothers..and won.
13) When I gave tours of my old house, I would tell the guest to just kick the chicken, and I'd demonstrate by kicking it clear across the patio.

Who wants to dance?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow day much?

Stephanie Greene and I are sitting in the kitchen at the Flynn house hold right now, and I'm not quite sure exactly what channel is on, but I believe it can double as one for gays. The commercials advertise for a gay skater and also a very magical shirt that can make any male 2 sizes smaller (you may wear it under any dress shirt, tshirt, or shirtless if you'd like), but my favorite part has to be the show that is on..RuPaul's Drag Race. It's one of those shows that pull you into a trance, rather you want to watch it or not. I found myself nearly drooling as I marveled at these men calling each other sisters and rubbing boas against the wall while petting stuffed pussy cats.
 Here are some quotes from Drag Queens in outer space 2 return to Uranus. I'm sure that is what your heart desires at this moment in your amazing life.
Prepare to eat my eleganza.
These balls will be on Uranus forever.
I did, thats why im your father, and your mother.
--coming to theatres near you:)

...and at the end of the show, the winner of that round will recieve...get this... handcrafted silcone breast plates..WHAT A PRIZE:) Where do I sign up!?

So this beautiful snowy freezing day was a snow day gifted to me from mother nature and the administration of the Willard School District. Do you find yourself curious on how I spent this marvelous day? The following is my story.
I woke up at 5:10, to realize I wanted to keep sleeping. At 5:40, I awoke from bed, stretching and yawning as the birds chirped around me and the bunnies hopped carelessly on my bed. I sang a beautiful melody as I smiled at all the animals and greeted each by their name in which I gifted them with. The squirrels grinned at me for they understand the unwritten language I speak with the animals.
I glided my way towards the computer to discover that school was not yet cancelled, so I allowed myself to partake in an amazing hot shower that woke up my senses and got me all clean. As I went to dry my hair, I got a knock on my door. *knock knock* I go to answer, and my mom informed me that school was cancelled, and I should be sleeping. With this news, I went to try and fall asleep, and I succeeded surprisingly. With the official wake up, it wasn't as glorified as my fake out wake up;) and I began to run around my house in my kitten onzie and my basketball houseshoes that say 'slam it'. Such a beautiful combination. One year I wanted to wear the house shoes to school, so I took duck tape and layered it on the bottom; therefore, I can walk on water and be unphased! After wandering my house and cracking jokes with my brother, I look outside, and realize that my 
chance to become the next King Arthur. The handle of a shovel protruded proud and tall out of a mound of snow, awaiting the strong average person to become extraordinary. It was my Excalibur, the mythical sword. In my mind, the excitement was overwhelming. Here was my chance to be crowned the Princess of the snow, the shovel as my staff! Gearing up, I head out to face my challenger and laugh in its face when I succeeded in my cause. Making my way to the outside, the cold air stinging my face with its wrath, and of course the knowledge that I was going to be the one. There was no doubt in my mind! It would be me! Making my way to the shovel's handle..I give my self the inner pep talk and take in the moment that was fixing to happen, just to have the moment ripped from me from the man that does everything, Byron. My dreams were crushed with the 
strength of his arms. Him, unknowing of the moment he partook, hasn't a clue of the power that was within such a moment. It's kind of like the question: does a tree make noise when it falls in a forest with no one around? No one has the power because he hasn't a clue, so all i have to do it set the shovel back up and wait for it to get snowed in and capture the chance again! The dream has not yet been eliminated! I make my way in, scheming up the future potential moment where I am crowned queen, and I receive a text from the infamous Stephanie was time to get my game on and unite the team..Power Ranger shirt was a must. I 
retrieved it from my closet and was prepared for a day of epic domination. To pass the time I played darts with Chris..with MICKEY MOUSE! Such a trooper he is; target practice for when we have to face the enemies I will have to face having such a high status of SNOW QUEEN and all. Chris has my back. He is like my hired body guard, plus he is black. After a few rounds of Mickey Darts, Papa Flynn was here to ride off in style to the Flynn household. When I got there, it was time to show off our MARIO KART WII! I had the most consistent game play..last every time. It was most definitely Mission Lose ago, and successfully being fulfilled. At one point in time I got the speeding bullet THREE times in a row, and I still never passed anyone or saw anyone for that matter. What can I say? I'm awesome. I also feel obliged to ask, how the heck are people making snow men? Me and Stephanie had to stick with snow blobs for our putty people because it just wasn't sticking. Tell me, what is the secret?

Oh, and from the brilliant words of The Power Rangers..
"Consider this your 2 minute warning." 
...and if you are a putty..don't mess with the power will lose.
One more thing, Ricky Martin is gay.
Hope your snow day was as awesome as mine:)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Just change a letter and its ok:)

I'd like to start this off with the weird vision I experienced last night. I was lying in my bed, feeling completely cozy snuggled up under my batman blanket and the beautifully quilted masterpiece that accompanies the challenge of keeping Chelsey warm when she sleeps. Here's an invention I thought of someone needs to create. Even when I am cold, my body radiates so much heat, so here's the ultimate resolution. What if we could somehow capture our body heat and form it into a blanket as soft as silk and fleece. Can you say millionaire idea? Because I sure can. As I lay there thinking of ingenious inventions such as this, I realize, for the second night in a row, I cannot sleep. The night before, I literally laid there from 9:45 to nearly midnight just trying to get some much 
appreciated shut eye. OK, maybe that laying was interrupted with some reading. Its weird though, normally when I read, it makes me tired, but at night, it seems to have the opposite effect and gets me pumped and ready to know whats next. Why does it work this way? I do not know. I guess I just need to find something that wakes me up during the day, in hopes it would have the reverse effect and put me to sleep at night..ayy?, but anyways. As I laid there, struggling to find peace with the dream world, I began to laugh.To be honest, I don't quite grasp the reason I had for 
laughing, but it happened, so I opened my eyes to stop this moment of hysteria. This is when the an odd moment happened. I looked at the foot of my bed, and there was a dark shadowy figure. You would think this would freak me out, but I was surprising amused. (and just a side note, it was not my foster brother Chris) As soon as I captured its presence with my eyes, I watched it tip toe out of my room. Oddly enough, I just closed my eyes and tried to go back to sleep. Thinking back on that, it seems awfully odd to be at ease with such an experience, but I was surprisingly un-phased.  

Ok, so at school, there is a cheer-leading awards banner deal, I think they had some very poor placing of the pom poms and cone. The picture speaks for itself.

Today, I had some sad news broken to me. Apparently, I am frequently caught making a face that makes me appear to be an ancestor of hamsters and gerbals. 
(the picture may be a tid bit dramatized)
Today I had a teacher that could not pronounce Nigeria. How on Earth is someone like that able to teach me anything? I get dumbfounded sometimes at the reality of things sometimes.

The following words are words of bother to me:
say them. Ok, now you may be wondering why did I just say them. Be sure you said them out loud. Now do it again, and concentrate on that last syllable. Now say it again, and hopefully you can feel my pain. Can one syllable really drag itself out to be that dramatic? I mean come on! There is no way to get around it unless you pronounce it ast. 

During TNT, the news came on only to tell us that the guy was sponsoring..
take a guess. 
Bet you can't. 
I will give you a hint.
If you guessed an angel, you are wrong.
If you guessed lingerie football you are totally correct! Man the quality things I hear at school sometimes. I gave a woot and a hollar. Who doesn't want lingerie football..I mean come on! With society these days, it'd be the next Jersey Shore.

  I looked out onto the never ending ocean, and I didn't want it to end.
(man, someone really wanted to get across the point that END is a very important word in this sentence)

But luckily, after a day of such news, I was able to enjoy a hot cup of apple cider from the loyal piggy pot that squeals with excitement when the water is boiling to its liking!

and come to the realization that in class, I was the only cool kid who died laughing at this clip of the office, but in my defense, the guy is awesome, and I would have loved to be in that room when he tried to make an intense dream entrance. I say amen to him being a charmer!

 and here's an old jam.

Monday, February 7, 2011

im chris ask me questions

Dear new clear shower curtain, please quit molesting me. I prefer to have my space, especially early in the morning when I am freshly woken up. Please and thank you, definetly not sealed with love, Chelsey.
This so called 'cabin fever' seems so foreign to me. I think I got an immunity shot against it or something because I don't feel I could ever get it. I guess I am just easily entertained, but there is always something I can be doing, like writing Keith, or doing a facemask while listening to Lord of the Rings. I never once sat around my house over the course of those 4 days and thought to myself, well dang, I really wish I were at school because I’m so bored. I read a quote one time that basically said if you are by yourself and you feel alone, you are in bad company. I think that applies to entertaining ourselves also; if we can't enjoy time on our own, then are we really as great as we may think ourselves to be?
 My brother Chris makes me laugh; he’s a funny kid. Byron (my moms boyfriend, that has accomplished like everything it seems, but that’s a different story) didn't sign out of Facebook, and Chris took the chance to take advantage of such a moment. Seconds later, Byron's status was freshly posted reading "I like colored boys." Byron is friends with a lot of people that would be easily offended by that, so he made a point to say it had to go, but I quickly went and liked it before anything could be eliminated. I had to show my appreciation for such a moment.
My poor little car is not made for the snow. She tries so very hard to trug along, but all that thinking "I think I can I think I can," isn't doing much for her. Poor girl, she is definitely excited about the snow being gone. She lives for the warm weather; she does better on gas and everything then. That’s when she truly shines.
 I got a notice in my mail box saying that I needed to clear the snow from the entrance of my mail box. Hmm, it seems a bit too much to ask in my eyes. I can shovel that all day, but that doesn't stop the snow plow from coming and creating a new pile of ice to build in front of it, blocking its way again. There is only so much shoveling I can do. I think that mail lady should have some understanding and realize that the snow is just something that has to be at the moment in time. 
But wait..what is this? A thank you note?? Left from the mail lady? That caught me off guard..what a nice thing for her to do! That was unexpected. I take back all the anger I felt towards shoveling. I love when people show that they really do have a heart and that this world hasn't just turned into a bunch of unthankful selfish people.
Which leads me to my next point just because I noticed it, when i write selfish, it looks like Shellfish to me every time. There are a lot of words that just seem so odd to write. School gets me if I write it a lot. Who decided to make it ch instead of a k? It is a hard concept to explain to a kindergartner trying to sound it out by breaking it apart by syllable; it really lowers the self esteem. Why does the word write start with a silent W? What is the point to have a letter that just sits there doing nothing but confusing people? Geez.
Hot cider is so delectable to my taste buds. Whoever invented that deserves some huge award.
oh, and by the way, you may be wondering where the title of this blog came from, so here I will share this beautiful tale. I clicked the space to title it, and that is what popped up; therefore, I kept it. Compliments of Chris, of course.
^oh, and this is a song that makes me want to dance a merry jig.