Saturday, February 12, 2011

Can you say GRAMMYS?

coming soon to theatres near you..
 The Wolverine Bull Breathing Feature film called..
The Waltzing Companionship: The Beginning
Wentworth Miller as Keith Flynn
Selena Gomez as Chelsey Greenhaw
Quoted from The Keith Flynn himself:
"We do have a movie type story, but ours isn't Hollywood enough because that involves too much of the down side and not enough of the upside."
The story of two high schoolers on their own paths colliding, and reuniting to be together for the rest of existence. Featuring A Year Without Rain from Selena Gomez herself.

^awesome ay? im totally going to watch it.
Its two people together. They have found each other and have found love, and together, they complete each other. Each is the other half of the other. Without one, the other is incomplete. Life loses its meaning without the other..well, it loses half of its head anyways, which is close.
It's what some would call TRUE LOVE:)

Ya know how people say the little birdy told me? Now, wouldn't it be awesome if there really were little birds that would relay messages to you. They could warn you when you were fixing to walk into a sit-y-ation where someone was a frump and you didnt know it. They could tell you secrets and make you seem like a mind reader. They could even sing little songs in your ear and keep you company through out the day. There could be no boredom with those guys. Everyone could have their own personal bird. I'd name mine Goku Bojangles the II in memory of the hamster..that keith and I gave up for adoption. He was never the same after we left him out all day. He went savage that sad sad day.
May his tamed self rest in peace.

In the story about the 3 pigs and the big bad like to see him try to blow over a lincoln log house. I think we should have a redo of the whole story, and the wolf won't even make it to the third round. I think they should have sent the wolf to get some sugar from the old witch in Hansel and Gretel. A nice change from human I would think. 
It's like Christmas came EARLY!

People say social butterfly all the time. Defintion from urban dictionary states: someone who is VERY social and easygoing; can be either a male or a female. Usually these people don’t belong to a particular group, but rather jump from one group to another. They are somewhat accepted in all of them, but don’t really have any deep friendship connections in any of them. Then it says that social bee is defined as: like a social butterfly but is much more entertaining and the life of the party. I guess it makes sense. It never makes its mark, but for a very good reason. If it does, its fatal and they die..unless its a sweat bee. Sweat bees can have close friends if they wish, but honey bees have a sad no intimate relationship with humans..because they die within minutes of such a moment. Without even a funeral.  
Can you say one second stand?

I love walkie talkies. Sometimes, I just want to take mine off the charger and have conversations, but I end up talking to myself and losing interest. I used to play with my brother, and I'd run down the street and we would act like super spies. we actually had a top secret club the S.I.S program (its spies with no P or E. what can I say, we are original.) We had secret agent cards and badges..the whole shin-dig. We ended up giving up this program when we realized that the school's program they used to take attendance was also called
S.I.S. We actually signed a contract..we were awesome. I even intruded on a conversation between a truck driver and someone.  
Creepin' in its prime.

Now for a segment about people in my life:
Keith Flynn: Agrees that the MSU play put the biggest girl in the smallest shorts.
Rangela Emery Dodson: She laughs a lot when I have painted on lips and she can talk like a man.
Stephanie Greene: The first time I saw her, she was sitting alone in a field playing the guitar. I told her brother, and found out he knew the lady. (:
Kim Flynn: She has awesome stories from working with gay guys and cooks amazing food.
Andy Flynn: He likes to get new technology, and will share its happiness with you and he cooks wonderfully too.
Patricia Flynn: He has a girlfriend, and sometimes, I forget he does. Oh, and we make good cookies.
Riles Barkley: He is going to be the next big thing in Chef land and likes to wear Keith's clothes now that he is gone.
Justin Greene: He can turn into a bunny. I'd like to see you try.
Mazaa: She laughs so hard she snorts sometimes.
Cody: He likes to poop with the door open..and have conversations.
Pipuper: We watched a video the other day..and both of us had no clue what was going on, except that we are going to KANSAS!
Big Poppa: he went and bought a basketball arcade game that takes up half his room..aka: hes awesome.

 Advice Column:
 "I worked at Long John Silvers...Pizza hut...I cut have a lot of people...I will let you get back to me....I woke up watching a movie today."
^a five minute sphill..and thats all i got out of it. 
After finally finding our voice again, my manger looked at me and earnestly said, "That was the weirdest time I've ever had with someone turning in an application."
My tips to this lady:
Learn to talk slowly.
Learn to let the other person talk, ESPECIALLY when its the one who is in charge of hiring
Don't mention things that don't, waking up to a movie?

 Truffles anyone?

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  1. OH THAT'S RIGHT!.... I was in a field. HAHAHA. Too funny. That makes me happy. :)